Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Top 5 TV dads

5. Family matters - Eventhough the father screws up and so do the kids in this series for me he his a good dad. He does yell and shout but I understand that different dads will deal with things differently and the father in family matters as a very strict way of dealing with things when it comes to Ealing with his kids.

4. Malcolm in the middle - the dad in this series was great. His kids had no respect and Eventhough his life was pretty bad he had a great sense of humour and I think has a dad he did a great job in bringing up his kids. The respect that the children had for him was shocking but I think he did really well has a father.

3. The fresh prince of Bel Air - the dad in this was great. I felt like he was a great role model and he looked after his children very well. With this character though unlike some of the other dads, he his wealthy meaning it Will be easier when it comes to ensuring his children have everything they need.

2. Homer Simpson -  Homer is a great dad and one of the best families on TV. This series as a very important message for children and with the homer family I feel that homer is with the children has much as Marge is and the family gets on very well with not a lot of arguments. This means that the children are brought up really well.

1. The Cosby show - In my opinion this would be the best dad on TV. This dad had a lot of issues to deal with and it wasn't an easy task to bring up his children. There were many situations where he could have lost his temper and possibly injured or killed his children but how he dealt with them was fantastic and I don't think there are many dads on TV who could have done exactly what this dad did.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

You’re All-Included’ – First Choice Blogger Competition

First choice at the moment are running a competition where five winners will be picked in this you're all included competition.

I heart all inclusive holidays I really do. When food are all in with the price and even trips places this means at no extra cost I feel that I really am in for a treat. I haven't been on many holidays where food have been in with the price most of the holidays I have been on are self catering. The last holiday I went on with college meant me had three meals each day we were there at no extra cost. We also visited the football stadium and the Olympic stadium and it cost no extra.
This is a great example of all inclusive holidays and why I like all inclusive holidays so much. To be paying a few hundred pounds for a 3 night stay plus 3 trips and 3 meals each day it really is worth it then. All inclusive holidays can save you a lot of money because you are not paying the extra for the trips and/or the meals which can work out expensive.
 The good thing about all inclusive holidays is you are able to enjoy yourself an awful lot just like holidays which aren't all inclusive but you aren't going to be struggling to manage. The beauty of all inclusive holidays is the bus journey, food and trips are all in with the holiday and that what. I love because you pay a certain amount and then you don't need to spend any more so I feel that you are in better control of your money and I feel that it is easier to budget because you won't be constantly spending money but instead only spending money for an example if you went on a shopping trip.
 I would love to have the chance of going on more all inclusive holidays in the future. It gives me the chance to try different foods and visit different cultural places. There are a lot of foods that you can try in certain countries at I wouldn't spend the money on for the quantity and how much it would cost me but if it was all inclusive then I will have the chance to try these different foods and I can find out what I like and what I don't like. All inclusive holidays would give me the chance to visit places that I wouldn't have spent the money to visit. I feel that all inclusive holidays can help you find cultural places that you would want to keep visiting and it will also get you to try foods that you would have never tried.
 I like the fact that in schools and colleges when they go on educational holidays normally food is in with the price. If it wasn't for the opportunities of going on a few all inclusive holidays I probably would have never visited the country. My most recent 3 night stay in Costa Brava which was 30 minutes away from Baracelona was all inclusive. In with the price was 2 days chance to go shopping, tour around the Olympic stadium, tour around the football stadium and it also included 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 evening meals.
If it wasn't for the holiday being a reasonable price it may have meant that I wouldn't ever have the chance to visit Barcelona, Costa brava, the Olympic stadium and football stadium so this was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity and I really did enjoy every minute of the three nights I stayed there. The hotel wasn't luxary and the bus journey was a bit long but we did an awful lot over the 3 nights stay and I wish I could go back there soon but it probably won't be for quite a long time now when I will get the chance to visit Costa Brava. And Barcelona again, and this is the reason why I like holidays that are all inclusive like this one. The reason is because they provide such a fantastic experience that I will always remember.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Advanced guide to badminton

I have just gone through some advice for beginners. I am now going to go through different shots and advice on doing these shots successfully. I am a leader and have played against Welsh colleges. This is the opinion of my own and no one else's opinion.

Shots in badminton.

Clear shot - A clear shot should be played right to the back of the opponents court. The most popular is the standard clear which is just out of reach, meaning there isn't much of an attacking opportunity. To play this shot you want to get your racket up early and you need to be ready. Get your right leg behind the shuttle or left if left handed. Use your non racket hand up in the air for balance and guidance. Keep your eye on the shuttle and when you make contact with the shuttle follow through. Make sure that you don't push the shuttle down because this will mean the shuttle won't travel through the air. There are two other types of clear shots which I am now going to discuss. 
Defensive clear - this clear shot is for recovery. The main aim isn't to put your opponent under pressure but it is to recover from a poor position. If an opponent plays a good shot to give yourself more time to return to centre then play a defensive clear. A defensive clear is played as an over arm shot and is played to the back of the court at the high height. 
If your opponent is 6ft then aim for 12 - 15ft, your opponent will not be able to return this by jumping which will mean that this opponent will have to wait. You want to get the shuttle to go at an height so from the time it leaves you racket it will take around 6 seconds for it to be returnable. This will give you around about 4 seconds maybe extra for you to be able to recover.
Attacking clear - This type of clear is used less frequently. This clear is played overhead and the racket follows through at a very fast speed. It travels through the sir slightly lower than the standard clear but then when it travels to the back of the court it loops meaning it takes longer to come down than the standard clear. The aim of this clear is to catch your player off guard and to trick them in to believing it was the standard clear. This clear will put the opponent under pressure if they weren't expecting it. The reason however this type of clear is played less frequently is because it gives opponents attacking opportunities if they were to notice that it was an attacking clear rather than a standard clear.

I'm just going to go through the clears in this blog post. It is a lot to take in so I will give you the chance to take in some tips on clear shots and then I will give advice on other badminton shots soon.


today I want to talk about badminton. Badminton is a popular racket sport which I enjoy playing. I also enjoy coaching and help out my local club regularly. Badminton is a great sport to be involved with and if you want to learn the basics and the rules then there are clubs that you could join. In the new rules games are played to 21 and you win a point whenever your opponent or opponent pairs fail to hit the shuttle successfully by failing to get it over the net or in court. Games are now shorter because with the older rules you would only win a point on your own serve. The rules now have changed therefore games are a lot quicker. Badminton can be played as singles or doubles. It is known in singles for the court to be long and thin. Meaning the first side tramline past it is out and past the furthest second back tramline is out. In doubles play it is the second side line past that which is out. The most important thing to remember though is the whole badminton court is in. The shuttle is only out if it goes past the first back tramline on the serve. Another important thing is the shuttle must be served underarm and must be served diagonally and land past the service line. This is the basics of the rules so you can enjoy the sport. That's all you need is a racket and shuttle and a net will be useful if you want a proper competitive game. For younger children who wants to learn it would be recommended for them to have a junior racket which is a smaller handle and face. You can start off without a net or lower the net when you are learning. This is the beginners guide with what's out and in, some serve advice and advice for younger children. This article is my views only and no one elses

Friday, February 27, 2015

Kikkoman products

disclaimer - kikkoman have sent me these two products in order for a honest review. This is my own opinion only and no one else's.

Today I received two products from kikkoman. I only gave my details yesterday so this is really good delivery. I had received two products which were a good size and then it said on the bottles which they can be used for. The products can be used on pretty much anything from veg to fish and will give these type of foods more flavour. The size bottles that they will come in will mean they will last along time. There is enough in these bottles to use on fish and veg so they can taste better. I have also been given a link by kikkoman with recipe ideas so these products will help to try healthier meals try out different recipes so I can eat more healthy every day and enjoy it from adding a bit of soy sauce that I have from Kikkoman. I love adding sauces to my foods and would normally add tomato sauce to things like this having an alternative that have been given to me by kikkoman should be better than having tomato sauce. If I was to have veg I would normally add some butter so the runner beans or carrots for an example won't be to dry. Butter is a product which contains fat so these sauces will be something different for me to have rather than spreading butter over my food. This would be a better alternative for me and something that I will enjoy and I'm sure I will be having more fish and more veg.

Cheese I received from pilgrims choice

  I received these cheeses in order to do a review for pilgrims choice these we're sent to me for free and all opinions below are mine.

Today I tried a number of different cheeses to give my own opinion on them and some of the cheeses I will have again and some of them weren't for me. I found out from trying the different cheeses that I preferred the fruity and milder ones.

Apple cheese

This cheese was tasty and you could taste the apple which for me this cheese tasted like I was expecting it to taste. I have tried this in a sandwich with branston and with cucumber and the cheese does provide you with a really tasty lunch. It isn't so much an hint of Apple it is quite strong but the cheese as the nice taste which I enjoyed.

Vintage cheddar
Usually I don't like vintage cheese because it too strong. This cheese however had a really nice taste and I enjoyed it. The cheese was smooth but I didn't taste any of the sweetness. For me this cheese was not smooth and sweet it was just smooth. However, still a nice cheese to try.

Smokey cheese.

This cheese started off with the creamy taste which I thought was quite pleasant because I like creamy cheese. I didn't know what to expect with the smokey cheese but the longer I chewed I begun to taste the smokey. For me the smokey cheese was too strong and didn't have a very nice after taste. In something like a sandwich where I will be putting more of the cheese in this would have been too strong for me.
Indian spice
First off the cheese was quite pleasant it had that hint of spice and was quite nice but then the longer I was eating it I started to feel the cheese was a bit too strong. I did however feel that is was more pleasant that the firecracker which I tried which I am going to now talk about.

As soon as I started eating this that's all I could taste was spice. There was no other taste than complete hotness. For me this was far too spicy. I wasn't choking on it but ther is no way I could have this in a sandwich or with salad. A little bit will be enough for me with this one.
Mature cheddar

This cheese wasn't too mild but wasn't too strong either it was in between so was more of a medium. I enjoyed the taste with this one. It was smooth and it was a bit stronger than other matures but it was pleasant because it wasn't too strong for me. I am more of a mild / medium fan so this cheese was right for me.

I have now tried all the cheeses which have been sent to me and my favourite out of them was the cranberry. Thanks Pilgrims choice.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Pilgrims choice wensledale and cranberry

This is the first cheese that I have tried out of the pick N mix packs that they were kind to sent me. I have had this twice now so I can give the best possible review on it. I had this in a sandwich with Branson and it was lovely. It was fruity and really flavourful and I do put a lot of this cheese in my sandwich and even have a little bit to enjoy while doing my sandwich. I do enjoy trying different cheeses and I do really enjoy the fruity ones. I have never tried any cranberry flavour cheeses until now but I am very sure that this won't last long at all. The cheese is crumbly and much softer than a lot of cheese so it is easier to chew and not chewing for ages. It isn't too mild of strong. The fruity flavour was just about right you could taste enough of the cranberry and it wasn't too strong for it to be too much of the cranberry flavour or sickly. The cheese didn't have a sour taste or an horrible after taste like some cheeses. This cheese was nice when chewing and had the same nice fruity cranberry taste after I had swallowed the cheese. This cheese didn't make my throat dry. Some cheeses are dry or don't have a nice texture so it can dry out my throat but this cheese wasn't dry, didn't have any horrible taste no did it lack flavour. This cheese I really enjoyed and I must thank pilgrim choice for sending this variety.

Pilgrims choice sent a variety of cheese for me for free to do an honest review on. The review is my own and my own opinions. More reviews coming soon of what I thought of the other cheeses that they were generous to send.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Table tennis

have you played table tennis before? Table tennis is a sport that is played from a young age to an older age. It is a professional sport and is an Olympic sport. Table tennis however isn't a sport which requires an high fitness level. You could do play recreationally up a youth club or a sport centre. Table tennis is an excellent sport to get involved in and there is so much you can improve and develop from playing table tennis. If you don't play a sport then table tennis is a good sport to start playing you don't need to run lengths of the football pitch it is a lot of short distance moving therefore this may be better for you if you want to get involved in an activity to improve your fitness. The movement is constant. You are always running backwards or at an angle and the movement doesn't change an awful lot like other sports. Table tennis is also really good for eye coordination because you need to keep your eye on the ball when body is in a crouched position diagonally from the net assembly. You also are moving at an angle and you need to keep your eye on the ball when doing this. Table tennis is also good for decision making. Especially at the higher levels you need to keep your high on the ball so you can see what spin is on the ball. It is really important to play the ball correctly to control the spin and to take the ball early to prevent more spin from being generated. This is when decision making becomes important because you need to think how you are going to play the ball and how and where you want the ball to land on your opponents side. There are many good reasons to why table tennis is a good sport to start playing and getting involved with and this blog explains the good things of playing table tennis.

pilgrim choice

Pilgrims choice review
This review is going to be on pilgrims choice cheese. 

Pilgrim choice was kind enough to send me a variety of their cheese for free to do an honest review. 

When I first was told that they are happy for me to receive them for a blog review in return I was expecting one or two blocks to sample. This cheese arrived today and I ended up receiving a lot more than two and got send a variety of their different cheese. I have previously tried the  mature cheddar but I haven't tried any of the others yet. I was unaware of them doing such a variety such as fruity cheese and cheese such as Indian spice. I like fruity cheese so I think for dinner today I will be trying out some of the fruity chees they sent me. They sent me a sample of the apple and another being a cranberry cheese. The cranberry one sounds really nice so I am especially looking forward to having this one. Pilgrims choice does lots of different cheese so if you like a milder cheese or a stronger cheese then there will be something for you. They also have spicy cheese and fruity ones so there is cheese for these people as well who wants something a bit different.
When the cheese arrived it came in a nice small bag which had two ice packs in order to keep the cheese at the right temperature so the cheese doesn't get too warm and go off. Also it was packaged well so the cheese is whole and not in pieces. They also provided a recipe which I could do when it arrived. The cheese has come really quickly and the service has been great. They seem to do a lot more types of cheeses than I previously thought so I will deffinitely be looking out at any new cheeses that they bring out. I will be trying out the different cheeses that have been sent to me and soon I will be doing reviews of the cheeses and what I thought of each one. Thank you for sending such a variety of cheese Pilgrims choice and I look forward in trying out all the different types of cheeses that I have received. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Barcelona Trip

It won't be long before I start my long journey to Barcelona. I have never visited hear before but I will be going on a educational trip the beginning of next month to Barcelona. It will be good visiting this city and having the experience of visiting another country abroad. It will be a good week because there are many from my class who will be going here to. This trip is for my welsh bacculurette which I have to do in college. This part of the subject is something I'm looking forward to. It is for the language module so it is going to be quite practical. Due to it being a sports course that I am on this trip is also going to be sports related so the places that I am going to be visiting is going to be related to sport. It should be a very nice week away and I will blog about my week when I get back from Barcelona.


Squash requires a lot of fitness, agility and movement but squash could be a great game for anyone. This sport is declining and I do think there is a lot to be done in making the sport more popular. Spin bikes and gyms and causing there to be less squash courts. Where I live there used to be four at one time but then the two squash courts got taken over by spin bikes and the gym. Squash is great for the younger generation because with the structure and how the sport is being taught mini squash and racquetball is becoming more popular. These are a safer and easier version of squash. With young children now using the sponge balls different colours for different levels they are challenged but the rally's last longer so it is more fun for them. I think the structure is really good now.
Why is squash declining.
I think the main reason is other sports such as water sports taking over and the older generation giving up the sport. It also isn't an Olympic sport which is surprising because all the other well known racket sports are.
What needs to be done?
More promotion and then a review in future if the sport meets the criteria to become an Olympic sport. To meet the criteria the sport needs to be played in so many countries.
I think in Wales the percentage of people playing squash isn't too bad but in terms of promotion there is a lot more to be done.

Reviewing products

In the next couple of weeks I will be looking at reviewing products and promoting certain companies. I have so far been given one thing to review and keep and this was a fridge freezer which was really needed and that was the next thing that my parents had to buy. To be a product reviewer to review this fridge freezer you had to do a video review on an old kitchen appliance. For this review I decided to do a review on my fridge freezer because a few weeks before the handle had broken and with various problems a fridge freezer was something that we really need. I got in touch with AO with my review and they got back really quickly and got a member of the team to phone me. When I was told that she had a retro swan lime green fridge freezer to review I was really happy. It was pretty straightforward in doing the video review and they were extremely helpful and made sure I understood the rules I had to follow when reviewing this new fridge freezer. This fridge freezer look really nice in our kitchen it is a good replacement of the older one and I would deffinitely recommend AO as a company. They run regular competitions too that you can get involved with.

My recent creative competition entries/wins

This year I have been fortunate enough from winning on two effort competitions. One of the competitions was from telling a joke which won me boost drinks and another got me a new fridge freezer from doing a video review on my own fridge freezer. Some of my other successes have been getting shortlisted on two poem competitions and as a result one of my poems will be published in a book in the next few months.
Some of my other creative comps I have done and proud of recently but don't know if I have yet one have been a selfie of me doing sit-ups, video doing sit-ups, photo of me next to wallpaper, photo of my terrible bathroom, photo of my old blinds, video of me in style, video of me pouting and a selfie of myself. Hopefully these will win me some prizes.
It has been a good start of the year with me winning 23 prizes so far including DVDS, books, chocolate, beauty products and much more.