Sunday, November 2, 2014

Christmas countdown

Some people will hate me for writing this blog post but now there is only 53 days until christmas and weather you are cheering or not this festive celebration will soon be here. I am one of the ones who loves christmas because I love giving gifts and also receiving them and I think it is the great time of the year for the whole family to get together. On christmas Eve as a family we go visiting and this is always something for me to look forward to because I may not have seen them all year and this is the time to catch up with the latest news.

There is many more things for me to look forward to during christmas and that is the christmas dinner. Usually I would just have dinner but on christmas day I would have a starter and afters so this is something to look forward to. The christmas dinner is different to Sunday dinner too because I would normally have turkey but I always look forward in having the turkey on christmas day and of course the pigs in blankets which I wouldn't normally have any other time.

Finally two others things that makes christmas extra special for me is the christmas songs that gets played on the radio and on channels on the TV. I think this is what gets me into the christmas spirit christmas time because some of the christmas songs are so cheerful and some of the songs that were released when I was a child brings back so many good memories. I did say the final two things and I think the other thing that makes christmas extra special is the christmas films. I love the christmas films and during the festive period there are so many shown on the TV especially on channel 5 and 5 USA. I will watch lots of them during December and some of the I can keep on watching because it makes me feel in a christmas mood.

These are some of the things I really like about christmas so if you haven't done the christmas shopping you really need to get it done because you can then relax and maybe you will enjoy christmas more.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

My favourite thing about autumn is all the celebrations that fall in the Autumn season. Halloween is one celebration I really love because I get to show the fun side of me and I also get to show how creative I can be. Halloween is an excellent time of the year to spend some time with the family with the dressing up, baking and also carving pumpkins. This year I had great fun taking some fun photos and trying out some different outfits. I love showing how creative and fun I can be and I think that is what halloween is all about.

Here are some photos of me enjoying halloween
This photo is me as devil killer. This is me with an archery arrow. Watch out because you really don't know if you're next.

Devil looking at archery arrows. What mischief will I be getting up to.

 Selfie of me as the scary ghostface.

Carved pumpkin

Halloween is a great time of the year for all my family to show their creative skills and it is a great time half term time to dress up early and getting all the pumpkins carved and even the cakes baked. I have been extremely busy this Halloween because it is one celebration that happens in Autumn which I love. Now Halloween is over I can't wait for halloween next year. Hopefully next year I can show more of my creative skills and my family can develop with their creative skills also. What a brilliant Halloween it as been this year.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Who I would shop with

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Who would I shop with?

If I had to shop with anyone it would have to be Isla Fisher. If you have seen confessions of a shopaholic you will know how much she  loves shopping. I have thought wisely if I was to go with the lovely Isla Fisher I can just let her by all the stuff and just have a nice friendly chat with her. I am sure she is addicted to shopping and doesn't need all the stuff so by shopping with this lovely lady she may be nice enough to give the stuff she doesn't need to me for free. I would never go to the shop and not pay for items but this could be an original trick by getting her to buy the items and what she doesn't need she may give away or even half price if I'm lucky.
 I also feel this lovely lady as great taste so I'm sure by shopping with her she will buy some nice stuff which she may give to me and something I want. One thing I certainly don't want to do is go shopping with a lady who will buy all the stuff for her and nothing for me. I'm sure this lovely lady though will be nice enough to buy some lovely items for me meaning I won't have to pay for the items.

Adult prize - Views on higher education

 Over the years I think worldwide higher education and education have improved due to the use of computers which have meant students have been more involved in developing I.C.T skills. I have found that open online courses is now more common, I think this will be more well known worldwide in the future, due to improvement in technology. This have meant people are taught through using computers and gadgets. I think technology will improve further over the years which will mean more students will be involved with open online courses because more students will have access to things such as computers for skills to be developed and for learning to take place.

In the UK where I am from I believe we are all very lucky with having free education which I often believe that some people take for granted. As we don't pay for our education; from research I have discovered  we are not as successfully academically as other countries are. . I realise in some countries they are less fortunate than we are in the UK.I am 20 years old and still  educated because I am now in higher education. I have found from being in higher education I have heard more about open online sources which I didn't know much about when I was in comprehensive school. I think in the last three years since I have left school computing as been used a lot more than the amount I.C.T was used during one week back then. I think due to me being more involved in I.C.T I am now more aware of open online courses and I think the whole world will be taught through the use of computers which open online sources will then be more common in years to come.

   I appreciate that I have the opportunity to make this choice here in the UK. In the UK higher education is optional so it is a choice that you make after the age of 16. I believe that the higher education here in the UK is very good in colleges and universities. I think this is because it is higher education meaning that a lot of the staff who are lectures have higher qualifications so a better education can be provided.
 I also believe that learning is taken place more through computers, students are brought up with gadgets and computers so I think people can reflect more with skills they already have and they can develop them further. I think the use of open online courses is something that should be available which is a positive with higher education because it is available.

   I also believe that more AS and A level courses are provided in higher education and BTEC courses have been provided for longer. Because of this I think the staff need to be more qualified and have higher qualifications to be able to teach at this level.

   My concerns are in some countries due to the populations people have to pay to be educated or don't have the choice to be educated meaning that higher education isn't an option for them. Education worldwide varies some countries education is really successful and then in other countries there are less opportunities and not everyone has the opportunity to get an education.

  In the UK education is compulsory up to the age of 16 and then higher education is an option which I think is a good thing because it gets peoples numeracy level and literacy level and I.C.T skills at an acceptable level so they have the key skills and work skills to do work at a good standard due to having the skills that are needed at work.

    I also believe that from having compulsory education the standard of teaching and academic success is really successful in parts of the UK. In Wales we are behind England in most subjects I think this could be because more are going into teaching and the way teaching could be done is a bit different. I also think that some regions in England could be better of financially meaning that they have the money to invest so they are more involved in using computers and other school resources to improve learning.

  Wales is much smaller than England and many other countries worldwide who are currently really successful with education but I think if we are better of financially which means they can invest more money in education in Wales then I think the education in Wales will be improved massively. I also believe that if other countries who are currently about the same financially at the moment are better off and more more money can be invested for students to have more resources to improve learning then I think education will be improved worldwide.

   I think the future for higher education and the use of open online courses is very promising. In my college they are now having staff development days which will improve the teaching standard further This will help them to develop skills that are needed for the subject that they specialise in. I also think  the younger staff coming in they will have different styles of teaching because their teaching style will be more modern.
    I also believe that these teachers starting their teaching career will have a understanding in how to keep the students interested because they are younger and it wouldn't have been that long when they would have been in full time education. I think because staff development days in now happening in local colleges where I live this method to improve teaching standards so a better education will be provided to all students will be spreaded worldwide in the future, this is a reason to why I think the future of higher education will be very positive.

 Open online courses I think is the future of higher education. Most of higher education is now computer based and a lot of learning involves I.C.T skills so I think a lot of the courses are going to done quite interactively and most of the learning will be done with the use of the Intranet, moodle and online resources. I have found learning as become more computer based over the years and I think in the future students will be involved more in using computers and even Ipads and other use of technology to get on to online courses through moodle or something very similar.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Favourite movie soundtrack

There are so many songs that are used in films and to me I think the lyrics of songs that are used in certain films is what makes the film enjoyable. I would say my favourite soundtrack in a film though as to be can you feel the love tonight. This soundtrack was played in the Lion King. I think having a song about love in a family film is appropriate. This film is a great family film that will make you cry, laugh and even sigh. I think by having lyrics associated with love is something which is a positive with this family film. Being born in the 90s this song brought back some memories when watching this film and the song is sung cheerfully and with joy which makes this film enjoyable and a pleasure to watch. With having great soundtracks in Robin Hood, Casino and some of the James Bonds such as goldfinger it is a very hard decision to decide my favourite but out of all the soundtracks I have listened to in movies my favourite as to be the soundtrack Can You Feel the Love tonight which was played in one of the best scenes in the Lion King.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Today I want to talk about how fun it is to take part in outdoor activities. It is great fun out in the ocean. You get the chance to go out and see some wildlife in the summer and get the chance of getting a bit wet. I have always been in to outdoor activities and going out to sea is such a fun experience.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

My front door

I have now been living in an house for 9 years after moving from a flat. Since I have been living in the house this front door has been there and is incredibly old. Recently the house as been done up and the walls of the house is bright yellow and when I am up the top of the street my house stands out from the other houses. The only problem is the door is stained, shabby and a boring white so has everyone who is reading this have probably guessed is I really do need a new front door. There is one problem for us having a front door is the colour it is going to be. My mam has always wants a bright pink or purple door that can be seen from miles away but for my father it would be a nightmare to come home and discover that he has a bright pink or purple door. I would love to have a brown door but it would probably get painted by mam because it won't go with the yellow. What colour the door is going to be is the toughest decision ever but I know that I really need a new door because this door has to have been there since the house got built. Having a outside door which is more modern is something that I really need right now because the house has been done recently by builders which means that the house looks more modern now. What is letting the house down at the moment though is the ancient front door which has been there for sometime.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

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My favourite place in the UK is New quay West Wales. Its such a lovely place to visit and you should visit here if you have never been. In New Quay there is a lovely harbour and if you stay near where the sea is and get up nice and early or go down there for a evening walk you may be lucky enough to see some dolphins. When I went here for the first time I got to see dolphins but it didn't take a few days for them to be active and jumping up when I was there. Recently however when I stayed in a cottage in New Quay the dolphins were really active and most evenings I got to see them. Also I was able to see the sea from the bedroom window so some mornings I got to see them and was even seeing them active some days from the bedroom window around noon time. Seeing the dolphins is something I look forward to when going to this destination on holidays and it gets really exciting when they are really active in the mornings. Also in New Quay by the harbour there is a place that shows dolphins and seals that have been spotted in the last couple of days which is really useful. When I have been to new Quay I also did the coastal walk which was a circular walk and was 4 miles there and 4 miles back. The coastal walk is an excellent walk to spot seals and baby seal porpoises. I have done this coastal walk twice and once they were all on the rocks sleeping and then another time they were active in the sea. You are very likely to spot seals on this walk and it is a very nice walk to do. When you get to the end of this walk there is a place that sells tea, ice cream, cakes, welsh cakes and many other things. The welsh cakes and the ice cream or home made and they are lovely so it is worth visiting this place if you are ever happy to have a go of this coastal walk.

One of the good things about New Quay is it is a seaside type holiday so if you enjoy going to the beach then in New Quay there is so many beaches you can visit. 
When I visited to this destination for the first time I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of opportunities to do surfing and to be coached in surfing and I also saw a lot of people enjoying activities such has Kayaking which is an activity I have always wanted to have a go at. If you want to have a close look at the dolphins and seals they have regular boat trips to see the dolphins and seals. This is something that I wanted to do when I was there but because I was so busy visiting different places near where I was staying I never got the chance to go on a boat trip for the chance to see dolphins and seals closer so hopefully when I visit New Quay another time this will be something that I will have a chance to do before its time to come home.
With so much other things to do I didn't do surfing when I was there but if you have never done it or really in to the sport it would be worth checking when you could have lessons if you wanted to or checking information about hiring a surf board. I have had a go at surfing on two occasions. I keep on falling off the surf board but its lots of fun.
There is so much to do and so many places to go in New Quay and this is why New Quay is my favourite holiday destination.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hi everyone. This is my new blog and I have been in to sport and keeping fit from a young age. When I was 10 years old I started playing table tennis on a dining table and when I found out I had some talent in the sport and got recognised I have done really well representing Wales in the school games and the second ever event I played in was held in the olympic venue in the excel which was brilliant. I also enjoy playing Squash and Badminton and have done tournaments in these sports too. This blog is going to be mainly a sports blog and I will be keeping you update with my new achievements.Another hobby when I am not playing sport is entering competitions and have been really successful at it winning 211 prizes so far this year. Bigger wins such as a microwave, Ipod Nano, 2 nights stay, DVD player, Kindle, £50 homebase voucher, £100 and £200 in cash to small wins such as T-shirts, sweets, chocolate, books, CDS, £10 Aldi voucher, beauty products, Lip gloss, DVDS, magazines and cereal.Hopefully you will enjoy my blog.