Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Reviewing products

In the next couple of weeks I will be looking at reviewing products and promoting certain companies. I have so far been given one thing to review and keep and this was a fridge freezer which was really needed and that was the next thing that my parents had to buy. To be a product reviewer to review this fridge freezer you had to do a video review on an old kitchen appliance. For this review I decided to do a review on my fridge freezer because a few weeks before the handle had broken and with various problems a fridge freezer was something that we really need. I got in touch with AO with my review and they got back really quickly and got a member of the team to phone me. When I was told that she had a retro swan lime green fridge freezer to review I was really happy. It was pretty straightforward in doing the video review and they were extremely helpful and made sure I understood the rules I had to follow when reviewing this new fridge freezer. This fridge freezer look really nice in our kitchen it is a good replacement of the older one and I would deffinitely recommend AO as a company. They run regular competitions too that you can get involved with.

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