Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Squash requires a lot of fitness, agility and movement but squash could be a great game for anyone. This sport is declining and I do think there is a lot to be done in making the sport more popular. Spin bikes and gyms and causing there to be less squash courts. Where I live there used to be four at one time but then the two squash courts got taken over by spin bikes and the gym. Squash is great for the younger generation because with the structure and how the sport is being taught mini squash and racquetball is becoming more popular. These are a safer and easier version of squash. With young children now using the sponge balls different colours for different levels they are challenged but the rally's last longer so it is more fun for them. I think the structure is really good now.
Why is squash declining.
I think the main reason is other sports such as water sports taking over and the older generation giving up the sport. It also isn't an Olympic sport which is surprising because all the other well known racket sports are.
What needs to be done?
More promotion and then a review in future if the sport meets the criteria to become an Olympic sport. To meet the criteria the sport needs to be played in so many countries.
I think in Wales the percentage of people playing squash isn't too bad but in terms of promotion there is a lot more to be done.

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