Saturday, February 21, 2015

Table tennis

have you played table tennis before? Table tennis is a sport that is played from a young age to an older age. It is a professional sport and is an Olympic sport. Table tennis however isn't a sport which requires an high fitness level. You could do play recreationally up a youth club or a sport centre. Table tennis is an excellent sport to get involved in and there is so much you can improve and develop from playing table tennis. If you don't play a sport then table tennis is a good sport to start playing you don't need to run lengths of the football pitch it is a lot of short distance moving therefore this may be better for you if you want to get involved in an activity to improve your fitness. The movement is constant. You are always running backwards or at an angle and the movement doesn't change an awful lot like other sports. Table tennis is also really good for eye coordination because you need to keep your eye on the ball when body is in a crouched position diagonally from the net assembly. You also are moving at an angle and you need to keep your eye on the ball when doing this. Table tennis is also good for decision making. Especially at the higher levels you need to keep your high on the ball so you can see what spin is on the ball. It is really important to play the ball correctly to control the spin and to take the ball early to prevent more spin from being generated. This is when decision making becomes important because you need to think how you are going to play the ball and how and where you want the ball to land on your opponents side. There are many good reasons to why table tennis is a good sport to start playing and getting involved with and this blog explains the good things of playing table tennis.

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