Friday, February 27, 2015

Cheese I received from pilgrims choice

  I received these cheeses in order to do a review for pilgrims choice these we're sent to me for free and all opinions below are mine.

Today I tried a number of different cheeses to give my own opinion on them and some of the cheeses I will have again and some of them weren't for me. I found out from trying the different cheeses that I preferred the fruity and milder ones.

Apple cheese

This cheese was tasty and you could taste the apple which for me this cheese tasted like I was expecting it to taste. I have tried this in a sandwich with branston and with cucumber and the cheese does provide you with a really tasty lunch. It isn't so much an hint of Apple it is quite strong but the cheese as the nice taste which I enjoyed.

Vintage cheddar
Usually I don't like vintage cheese because it too strong. This cheese however had a really nice taste and I enjoyed it. The cheese was smooth but I didn't taste any of the sweetness. For me this cheese was not smooth and sweet it was just smooth. However, still a nice cheese to try.

Smokey cheese.

This cheese started off with the creamy taste which I thought was quite pleasant because I like creamy cheese. I didn't know what to expect with the smokey cheese but the longer I chewed I begun to taste the smokey. For me the smokey cheese was too strong and didn't have a very nice after taste. In something like a sandwich where I will be putting more of the cheese in this would have been too strong for me.
Indian spice
First off the cheese was quite pleasant it had that hint of spice and was quite nice but then the longer I was eating it I started to feel the cheese was a bit too strong. I did however feel that is was more pleasant that the firecracker which I tried which I am going to now talk about.

As soon as I started eating this that's all I could taste was spice. There was no other taste than complete hotness. For me this was far too spicy. I wasn't choking on it but ther is no way I could have this in a sandwich or with salad. A little bit will be enough for me with this one.
Mature cheddar

This cheese wasn't too mild but wasn't too strong either it was in between so was more of a medium. I enjoyed the taste with this one. It was smooth and it was a bit stronger than other matures but it was pleasant because it wasn't too strong for me. I am more of a mild / medium fan so this cheese was right for me.

I have now tried all the cheeses which have been sent to me and my favourite out of them was the cranberry. Thanks Pilgrims choice.

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