Tuesday, May 26, 2015

You’re All-Included’ – First Choice Blogger Competition

First choice at the moment are running a competition where five winners will be picked in this you're all included competition.

I heart all inclusive holidays I really do. When food are all in with the price and even trips places this means at no extra cost I feel that I really am in for a treat. I haven't been on many holidays where food have been in with the price most of the holidays I have been on are self catering. The last holiday I went on with college meant me had three meals each day we were there at no extra cost. We also visited the football stadium and the Olympic stadium and it cost no extra.
This is a great example of all inclusive holidays and why I like all inclusive holidays so much. To be paying a few hundred pounds for a 3 night stay plus 3 trips and 3 meals each day it really is worth it then. All inclusive holidays can save you a lot of money because you are not paying the extra for the trips and/or the meals which can work out expensive.
 The good thing about all inclusive holidays is you are able to enjoy yourself an awful lot just like holidays which aren't all inclusive but you aren't going to be struggling to manage. The beauty of all inclusive holidays is the bus journey, food and trips are all in with the holiday and that what. I love because you pay a certain amount and then you don't need to spend any more so I feel that you are in better control of your money and I feel that it is easier to budget because you won't be constantly spending money but instead only spending money for an example if you went on a shopping trip.
 I would love to have the chance of going on more all inclusive holidays in the future. It gives me the chance to try different foods and visit different cultural places. There are a lot of foods that you can try in certain countries at I wouldn't spend the money on for the quantity and how much it would cost me but if it was all inclusive then I will have the chance to try these different foods and I can find out what I like and what I don't like. All inclusive holidays would give me the chance to visit places that I wouldn't have spent the money to visit. I feel that all inclusive holidays can help you find cultural places that you would want to keep visiting and it will also get you to try foods that you would have never tried.
 I like the fact that in schools and colleges when they go on educational holidays normally food is in with the price. If it wasn't for the opportunities of going on a few all inclusive holidays I probably would have never visited the country. My most recent 3 night stay in Costa Brava which was 30 minutes away from Baracelona was all inclusive. In with the price was 2 days chance to go shopping, tour around the Olympic stadium, tour around the football stadium and it also included 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 evening meals.
If it wasn't for the holiday being a reasonable price it may have meant that I wouldn't ever have the chance to visit Barcelona, Costa brava, the Olympic stadium and football stadium so this was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity and I really did enjoy every minute of the three nights I stayed there. The hotel wasn't luxary and the bus journey was a bit long but we did an awful lot over the 3 nights stay and I wish I could go back there soon but it probably won't be for quite a long time now when I will get the chance to visit Costa Brava. And Barcelona again, and this is the reason why I like holidays that are all inclusive like this one. The reason is because they provide such a fantastic experience that I will always remember.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Advanced guide to badminton

I have just gone through some advice for beginners. I am now going to go through different shots and advice on doing these shots successfully. I am a leader and have played against Welsh colleges. This is the opinion of my own and no one else's opinion.

Shots in badminton.

Clear shot - A clear shot should be played right to the back of the opponents court. The most popular is the standard clear which is just out of reach, meaning there isn't much of an attacking opportunity. To play this shot you want to get your racket up early and you need to be ready. Get your right leg behind the shuttle or left if left handed. Use your non racket hand up in the air for balance and guidance. Keep your eye on the shuttle and when you make contact with the shuttle follow through. Make sure that you don't push the shuttle down because this will mean the shuttle won't travel through the air. There are two other types of clear shots which I am now going to discuss. 
Defensive clear - this clear shot is for recovery. The main aim isn't to put your opponent under pressure but it is to recover from a poor position. If an opponent plays a good shot to give yourself more time to return to centre then play a defensive clear. A defensive clear is played as an over arm shot and is played to the back of the court at the high height. 
If your opponent is 6ft then aim for 12 - 15ft, your opponent will not be able to return this by jumping which will mean that this opponent will have to wait. You want to get the shuttle to go at an height so from the time it leaves you racket it will take around 6 seconds for it to be returnable. This will give you around about 4 seconds maybe extra for you to be able to recover.
Attacking clear - This type of clear is used less frequently. This clear is played overhead and the racket follows through at a very fast speed. It travels through the sir slightly lower than the standard clear but then when it travels to the back of the court it loops meaning it takes longer to come down than the standard clear. The aim of this clear is to catch your player off guard and to trick them in to believing it was the standard clear. This clear will put the opponent under pressure if they weren't expecting it. The reason however this type of clear is played less frequently is because it gives opponents attacking opportunities if they were to notice that it was an attacking clear rather than a standard clear.

I'm just going to go through the clears in this blog post. It is a lot to take in so I will give you the chance to take in some tips on clear shots and then I will give advice on other badminton shots soon.


today I want to talk about badminton. Badminton is a popular racket sport which I enjoy playing. I also enjoy coaching and help out my local club regularly. Badminton is a great sport to be involved with and if you want to learn the basics and the rules then there are clubs that you could join. In the new rules games are played to 21 and you win a point whenever your opponent or opponent pairs fail to hit the shuttle successfully by failing to get it over the net or in court. Games are now shorter because with the older rules you would only win a point on your own serve. The rules now have changed therefore games are a lot quicker. Badminton can be played as singles or doubles. It is known in singles for the court to be long and thin. Meaning the first side tramline past it is out and past the furthest second back tramline is out. In doubles play it is the second side line past that which is out. The most important thing to remember though is the whole badminton court is in. The shuttle is only out if it goes past the first back tramline on the serve. Another important thing is the shuttle must be served underarm and must be served diagonally and land past the service line. This is the basics of the rules so you can enjoy the sport. That's all you need is a racket and shuttle and a net will be useful if you want a proper competitive game. For younger children who wants to learn it would be recommended for them to have a junior racket which is a smaller handle and face. You can start off without a net or lower the net when you are learning. This is the beginners guide with what's out and in, some serve advice and advice for younger children. This article is my views only and no one elses