Wednesday, May 6, 2015


today I want to talk about badminton. Badminton is a popular racket sport which I enjoy playing. I also enjoy coaching and help out my local club regularly. Badminton is a great sport to be involved with and if you want to learn the basics and the rules then there are clubs that you could join. In the new rules games are played to 21 and you win a point whenever your opponent or opponent pairs fail to hit the shuttle successfully by failing to get it over the net or in court. Games are now shorter because with the older rules you would only win a point on your own serve. The rules now have changed therefore games are a lot quicker. Badminton can be played as singles or doubles. It is known in singles for the court to be long and thin. Meaning the first side tramline past it is out and past the furthest second back tramline is out. In doubles play it is the second side line past that which is out. The most important thing to remember though is the whole badminton court is in. The shuttle is only out if it goes past the first back tramline on the serve. Another important thing is the shuttle must be served underarm and must be served diagonally and land past the service line. This is the basics of the rules so you can enjoy the sport. That's all you need is a racket and shuttle and a net will be useful if you want a proper competitive game. For younger children who wants to learn it would be recommended for them to have a junior racket which is a smaller handle and face. You can start off without a net or lower the net when you are learning. This is the beginners guide with what's out and in, some serve advice and advice for younger children. This article is my views only and no one elses

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