Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My recent creative competition entries/wins

This year I have been fortunate enough from winning on two effort competitions. One of the competitions was from telling a joke which won me boost drinks and another got me a new fridge freezer from doing a video review on my own fridge freezer. Some of my other successes have been getting shortlisted on two poem competitions and as a result one of my poems will be published in a book in the next few months.
Some of my other creative comps I have done and proud of recently but don't know if I have yet one have been a selfie of me doing sit-ups, video doing sit-ups, photo of me next to wallpaper, photo of my terrible bathroom, photo of my old blinds, video of me in style, video of me pouting and a selfie of myself. Hopefully these will win me some prizes.
It has been a good start of the year with me winning 23 prizes so far including DVDS, books, chocolate, beauty products and much more.

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