Friday, February 27, 2015

Kikkoman products

disclaimer - kikkoman have sent me these two products in order for a honest review. This is my own opinion only and no one else's.

Today I received two products from kikkoman. I only gave my details yesterday so this is really good delivery. I had received two products which were a good size and then it said on the bottles which they can be used for. The products can be used on pretty much anything from veg to fish and will give these type of foods more flavour. The size bottles that they will come in will mean they will last along time. There is enough in these bottles to use on fish and veg so they can taste better. I have also been given a link by kikkoman with recipe ideas so these products will help to try healthier meals try out different recipes so I can eat more healthy every day and enjoy it from adding a bit of soy sauce that I have from Kikkoman. I love adding sauces to my foods and would normally add tomato sauce to things like this having an alternative that have been given to me by kikkoman should be better than having tomato sauce. If I was to have veg I would normally add some butter so the runner beans or carrots for an example won't be to dry. Butter is a product which contains fat so these sauces will be something different for me to have rather than spreading butter over my food. This would be a better alternative for me and something that I will enjoy and I'm sure I will be having more fish and more veg.

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