Monday, February 23, 2015

Pilgrims choice wensledale and cranberry

This is the first cheese that I have tried out of the pick N mix packs that they were kind to sent me. I have had this twice now so I can give the best possible review on it. I had this in a sandwich with Branson and it was lovely. It was fruity and really flavourful and I do put a lot of this cheese in my sandwich and even have a little bit to enjoy while doing my sandwich. I do enjoy trying different cheeses and I do really enjoy the fruity ones. I have never tried any cranberry flavour cheeses until now but I am very sure that this won't last long at all. The cheese is crumbly and much softer than a lot of cheese so it is easier to chew and not chewing for ages. It isn't too mild of strong. The fruity flavour was just about right you could taste enough of the cranberry and it wasn't too strong for it to be too much of the cranberry flavour or sickly. The cheese didn't have a sour taste or an horrible after taste like some cheeses. This cheese was nice when chewing and had the same nice fruity cranberry taste after I had swallowed the cheese. This cheese didn't make my throat dry. Some cheeses are dry or don't have a nice texture so it can dry out my throat but this cheese wasn't dry, didn't have any horrible taste no did it lack flavour. This cheese I really enjoyed and I must thank pilgrim choice for sending this variety.

Pilgrims choice sent a variety of cheese for me for free to do an honest review on. The review is my own and my own opinions. More reviews coming soon of what I thought of the other cheeses that they were generous to send.

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