Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Advanced guide to badminton

I have just gone through some advice for beginners. I am now going to go through different shots and advice on doing these shots successfully. I am a leader and have played against Welsh colleges. This is the opinion of my own and no one else's opinion.

Shots in badminton.

Clear shot - A clear shot should be played right to the back of the opponents court. The most popular is the standard clear which is just out of reach, meaning there isn't much of an attacking opportunity. To play this shot you want to get your racket up early and you need to be ready. Get your right leg behind the shuttle or left if left handed. Use your non racket hand up in the air for balance and guidance. Keep your eye on the shuttle and when you make contact with the shuttle follow through. Make sure that you don't push the shuttle down because this will mean the shuttle won't travel through the air. There are two other types of clear shots which I am now going to discuss. 
Defensive clear - this clear shot is for recovery. The main aim isn't to put your opponent under pressure but it is to recover from a poor position. If an opponent plays a good shot to give yourself more time to return to centre then play a defensive clear. A defensive clear is played as an over arm shot and is played to the back of the court at the high height. 
If your opponent is 6ft then aim for 12 - 15ft, your opponent will not be able to return this by jumping which will mean that this opponent will have to wait. You want to get the shuttle to go at an height so from the time it leaves you racket it will take around 6 seconds for it to be returnable. This will give you around about 4 seconds maybe extra for you to be able to recover.
Attacking clear - This type of clear is used less frequently. This clear is played overhead and the racket follows through at a very fast speed. It travels through the sir slightly lower than the standard clear but then when it travels to the back of the court it loops meaning it takes longer to come down than the standard clear. The aim of this clear is to catch your player off guard and to trick them in to believing it was the standard clear. This clear will put the opponent under pressure if they weren't expecting it. The reason however this type of clear is played less frequently is because it gives opponents attacking opportunities if they were to notice that it was an attacking clear rather than a standard clear.

I'm just going to go through the clears in this blog post. It is a lot to take in so I will give you the chance to take in some tips on clear shots and then I will give advice on other badminton shots soon.

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