Sunday, November 2, 2014

Christmas countdown

Some people will hate me for writing this blog post but now there is only 53 days until christmas and weather you are cheering or not this festive celebration will soon be here. I am one of the ones who loves christmas because I love giving gifts and also receiving them and I think it is the great time of the year for the whole family to get together. On christmas Eve as a family we go visiting and this is always something for me to look forward to because I may not have seen them all year and this is the time to catch up with the latest news.

There is many more things for me to look forward to during christmas and that is the christmas dinner. Usually I would just have dinner but on christmas day I would have a starter and afters so this is something to look forward to. The christmas dinner is different to Sunday dinner too because I would normally have turkey but I always look forward in having the turkey on christmas day and of course the pigs in blankets which I wouldn't normally have any other time.

Finally two others things that makes christmas extra special for me is the christmas songs that gets played on the radio and on channels on the TV. I think this is what gets me into the christmas spirit christmas time because some of the christmas songs are so cheerful and some of the songs that were released when I was a child brings back so many good memories. I did say the final two things and I think the other thing that makes christmas extra special is the christmas films. I love the christmas films and during the festive period there are so many shown on the TV especially on channel 5 and 5 USA. I will watch lots of them during December and some of the I can keep on watching because it makes me feel in a christmas mood.

These are some of the things I really like about christmas so if you haven't done the christmas shopping you really need to get it done because you can then relax and maybe you will enjoy christmas more.

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