Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Who I would shop with

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Who would I shop with?

If I had to shop with anyone it would have to be Isla Fisher. If you have seen confessions of a shopaholic you will know how much she  loves shopping. I have thought wisely if I was to go with the lovely Isla Fisher I can just let her by all the stuff and just have a nice friendly chat with her. I am sure she is addicted to shopping and doesn't need all the stuff so by shopping with this lovely lady she may be nice enough to give the stuff she doesn't need to me for free. I would never go to the shop and not pay for items but this could be an original trick by getting her to buy the items and what she doesn't need she may give away or even half price if I'm lucky.
 I also feel this lovely lady as great taste so I'm sure by shopping with her she will buy some nice stuff which she may give to me and something I want. One thing I certainly don't want to do is go shopping with a lady who will buy all the stuff for her and nothing for me. I'm sure this lovely lady though will be nice enough to buy some lovely items for me meaning I won't have to pay for the items.

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