Sunday, September 28, 2014

Favourite movie soundtrack

There are so many songs that are used in films and to me I think the lyrics of songs that are used in certain films is what makes the film enjoyable. I would say my favourite soundtrack in a film though as to be can you feel the love tonight. This soundtrack was played in the Lion King. I think having a song about love in a family film is appropriate. This film is a great family film that will make you cry, laugh and even sigh. I think by having lyrics associated with love is something which is a positive with this family film. Being born in the 90s this song brought back some memories when watching this film and the song is sung cheerfully and with joy which makes this film enjoyable and a pleasure to watch. With having great soundtracks in Robin Hood, Casino and some of the James Bonds such as goldfinger it is a very hard decision to decide my favourite but out of all the soundtracks I have listened to in movies my favourite as to be the soundtrack Can You Feel the Love tonight which was played in one of the best scenes in the Lion King.

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