Friday, August 29, 2014

My front door

I have now been living in an house for 9 years after moving from a flat. Since I have been living in the house this front door has been there and is incredibly old. Recently the house as been done up and the walls of the house is bright yellow and when I am up the top of the street my house stands out from the other houses. The only problem is the door is stained, shabby and a boring white so has everyone who is reading this have probably guessed is I really do need a new front door. There is one problem for us having a front door is the colour it is going to be. My mam has always wants a bright pink or purple door that can be seen from miles away but for my father it would be a nightmare to come home and discover that he has a bright pink or purple door. I would love to have a brown door but it would probably get painted by mam because it won't go with the yellow. What colour the door is going to be is the toughest decision ever but I know that I really need a new door because this door has to have been there since the house got built. Having a outside door which is more modern is something that I really need right now because the house has been done recently by builders which means that the house looks more modern now. What is letting the house down at the moment though is the ancient front door which has been there for sometime.

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