Saturday, November 1, 2014

My favourite thing about autumn is all the celebrations that fall in the Autumn season. Halloween is one celebration I really love because I get to show the fun side of me and I also get to show how creative I can be. Halloween is an excellent time of the year to spend some time with the family with the dressing up, baking and also carving pumpkins. This year I had great fun taking some fun photos and trying out some different outfits. I love showing how creative and fun I can be and I think that is what halloween is all about.

Here are some photos of me enjoying halloween
This photo is me as devil killer. This is me with an archery arrow. Watch out because you really don't know if you're next.

Devil looking at archery arrows. What mischief will I be getting up to.

 Selfie of me as the scary ghostface.

Carved pumpkin

Halloween is a great time of the year for all my family to show their creative skills and it is a great time half term time to dress up early and getting all the pumpkins carved and even the cakes baked. I have been extremely busy this Halloween because it is one celebration that happens in Autumn which I love. Now Halloween is over I can't wait for halloween next year. Hopefully next year I can show more of my creative skills and my family can develop with their creative skills also. What a brilliant Halloween it as been this year.

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